This project is a personal one and a test for me to see what 3D application I can build in Java. The idea came from this video on YouTube but also from a university project.

This project was built using my knowledge, this tutorial on YouTube and this GitHub Repository as inspiration for building the 3D objects and, respectively, the project structure.


The project has a simple idea in mind: A 3D Conway's Game of Life.

If you haven't change anything in the files, the program should have the following functions:

  • Make a window named 3D Game of life + the FPS.
  • Make a Big Cube that contains 7 x 7 x 7 Smaller Cubes
  • Not all of the Smaller Cubes are shown (it's random)
  • If you want to rotate the scene, you can use the Left Click or th Right Click (the Right Click is used to rotate the scene on the X Axis)
  • You can also zoom in or out with the Scroll Wheel
  • To make the program run to the next step you will have to press the spacebar

Considering that a Cell will have three times more neighbors these are ne new rules of the game:

  • If a Cell has < 2 neighbors will die due to underpopulation
  • If a Cell has > 7 neighbors will die due to overpopulation
  • If an empty space has >2 and < 7 neighbouring Cells this will make a new Cell

These variables are found in the and can be changed.


Here are some results of the program:

Image 1 Image 2


The project should contain 12 files:,,,,,,,,,,,

In the file you can find more variables that are used in the project to make variables easier to change rather than searching through the entire project to change a variable.

LESS_NEIGHBORS_TO_DIE - is the variable that will determine if underpopulation happens or nor. Initially 2

MORE_NEIGHBORS_TO_DIE - is the variable that will determine if overpopulation happens or nor. Initially 7

LESS_NEIGHBORS_TO_ALIVE and MORE_NEIGHBORS_TO_ALIVE - represent the interval in which will determine if an empty space will become a Cell. Initially 7 and 2

ORTHOGRAPHIC - is the variable that will determine if the perspective of the whole project is orthographic. Initially false

CUBE_SIZE - is the variable that will determine how big are the cubes. Initially 40

CUBE_DISTANCE - is the variable that will determine the distance between the Cubes. Initially 10

CUBE_COUNT - is the variable that will determine the number of the number of cubes on one edge. So the Big Cube will have CUBE_COUNT^3. Initially 7